• Home Inspection. Radon testing. Termite inspection. Mold Testing.

    Price schedule for 2024:

    A free Termite Inspection and NPMA 33 Termite report is included with your home inspection package saving you time and money.  

    Radon testing: $275

    This price is for setting a radon test during the home inspection.

    Radon testing: $375

    This price is for setting a radon test without a home inspection if the home is with 25 miles of our office. 

    Condition of home:

    Prices below are for homes in move in, habitable condition. Vacant homes, homes in very poor condition and fixer up homes call for price.

    Single family homes: $550. 

    This price is for single family homes up to three bedrooms, two baths and one kitchen with no out buildings. Larger homes call for price.

    Multifamily same structure: $900

    This price is for a two family home under 50 years old with two bedrooms 1 bathroom per apartment. Homes three family or over and homes over 50 years old call for price.

    Condo or town house: $500

    This price is for two bedroom two bath units. Larger unit call for price.

    Condo or town house: $375

    This price is for one bedroom units.

    Crawl space:

    Homes with a crawl space add $100 to inspection fee.

    Older Homes:

    Homes over 70 years old call for price.


    Limited mold sampling is ideal when potential mold growth is detected visually or by odor. This service is very popular with clients who have had a suspected mold growth issue brought to their attention during a home inspection. This service will help determine if a mold condition exists which requires further action and or testing.

    This service costs $475 and includes:

    One outdoor air sample to establish a baseline.

    One indoor air sample in the suspected mold growth area designated by the client.

    Collection of a swab or lift sample of the suspected mold growth in the area designated by the client

    Client presence or precise indication of the suspected mold growth is necessary to pinpoint suspected mold locations where testing is requested.


    Our mold screening service offers a comprehensive assessment of the entire home in order to identify potential areas of concern.

    This service starts at $750 for homes under 2500 square feet. Call for price on larger homes.

    Service includes:

    A visual inspection of the home including the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture meter’s, Hygrometers and Digital thermostats as required to determine if a condition exists which requires further action and or testing.

    Professional Lab analysis of collected samples using EMSL a nationally recognized lab with an impeccable reputation which produces detailed and easy to understand lab reports. EMSL lab technicians are always available if you need help interpreting any reports they issued.

    Report on conditions that may be contributing to microbial growth.

    Up to four mold samples, including one outdoor air sample for baseline establishment and one indoor air sample. Additional samples may include air, swab, or lift samples.


    This service is most often requested as an independent evaluation following a mold remediation. This will help determine if the remediation was successful. This is accomplished via air sampling and or swab or tape lift samples. Clearance testing is highly recommended to give the client an independent unbiased evaluation of any completed mold remediation to ensure it has eliminated any mold concerns present.

    This service starts at $550 for one area under 1000 square feet. Pricing is dependant on the size and number of areas that require testing.

    Service includes:

    Inspection within the agreed upon mold remediation containment area for visible signs of mold.

    Up to four mold samples per the agreed upon containment area, including three air samples and one swab or lift sample as necessary.

    Additional sampling is available as needed at an extra cost per sample. Basic services are limited in scope to the areas indicated in the pre signed mold inspection contract and do not cover evaluation or testing of areas not contracted for and or outside the contained remediation area. Further testing and evaluation may be advised.

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